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Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monster GX (TV 1 - 52) Box 1 DVD PDF Print E-mail
Written by syuji   
Wednesday, 06 August 2008
Title Name
: Yu Gi Oh! Duel Monster GX 游戏王GX
No. Of Disc : 6 Disc (52 Episodes)
Version : Japanese 
Subtitles  : Chinese / English
Barcode  : 9555329225555
Item Code : YD 0430
Selling Price : RM69.90  
Format  : DVD
Genre : Action,adventure,comedy,fantasy,science fiction
Picture Format  : NTSC & All Region Code (4 : 3) 
Ten years after the Ceremonial Battle, a teenage boy named Yuuki Judai heads off in order to join the Duelist Yousei School located on a remote island off the coast of Japan. There he meets his fellow students and gains a few friends, along with a few enemies. Judai is put into the lowest rank of Osiris Red, but he continues to test his skills against the students and faculty to prove his worth as a Yousei Duelist and earn the respect of everyone around him.
遊城十代在前往決鬥學院的入学考试的途中,与传说中決鬥者武藤游戏戏剧性的相遇,并接受了一张卡片。但十代因此而迟到错过了入学考试。为此十代恳求库洛诺思教授让他过关,然而无论十代怎样恳求,库洛诺思教授都不同意。于是十代 VS库洛诺思教授的决鬥开始了……
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